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Don't throw your window covering away let us fix them.


Our prices for restringing and repair services is very affordable and will save you from costly replacements!

Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades, Honeycomb Shade
Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades, Honeycomb Shade The most common repair is restringing which will run $36.90 for regular shade. Top down bottom up shades are a little more $50.38 depended on how many cords we have to replace.

If your shade has a continuous cord loop the cost to replace it is $20.61 if it needs a new clutch is an additional $27.50

RV Blind & Shade restring

We also offer RV day night restring in service. The cost of restringing a day night RV Shade will run $45.00 and up depending on how many cords

Bamboo Roller Shades

We also repair roller shades and rollup shades we offer restringing and replacing the rings on back of shades. Bring in your shade for free estimate.

Literise, Ultra Glide, RollEase, Cordless


Flat Lift Tape for Easy Rise Systems. (This type of string tape is used on many cordless & cord loop shades.)Some older mini blind also use this type of system. The cost of restring these type of blind start at $50.38 plus parts


Horizontal Blinds, Mini Blind, 2" Venetian Blind, Wood Blind, Micro Blind


We would need to look at your horizontal Venetian blinds to determine the cost of repair. If you have a heavy Venetian blind and the cord is wearing out, we may have to replace the cord guide. The cost of restring it is $36.90 plus parts

Tape & Ladder Drum  (on horizontal blinds)  $08.00 Each
Tape & Ladder Drum Support  (on horizontal blinds) $10.00 Each
Replace Cord Lock $25.00
Replace Tilter $17.50
Move tilt gear or cord lock   $17.50 EA
Replace Slats
up to 60" wide
$45.00 up to 10
Replace ladder up to 60" long 2 ladders $35.00 & up
3 ladders up to 60" long 2 ladders $42.00 & up
Over 72" Long, Add $9.00 For Each Additional 72" In Length.
Venetian Blind Tape Material $4.00 per yard


Vertical Blind Repair

We can restring your vertical blind and also provide new carriers in stem. The cost to restring in a vertical blind depends if they spirit drawer or one way. The cost of restringing start at $29.77 plus parts. We also can realign the pivot.

Re-Sizing Services

If you had your windows replaced you might find out your blinds will not fit. Don't worry we can help we offer resizing service for your window covering. For more information Click Here.