We clean all types of blinds. Everything from metal, foux, and wood. From micro all the way to the 2" blind. We have a great way of washing blinds that does not cause any damage and will make them look new!

It only takes us a couple days to get then cleaned and back to you.


We clean all types of Shades. Pleated, Cellular and double cell Shades. We can take all that filtered air that has stored in that shade and make it look new again!

Your shades act as a filter and get dirty. We clean that built up dirt and make them look new!

Cleaning Season

April - October
Cleanig is for drop off only and takes us about a week to have cleaned dried and returned to you.

Rollers and verticals

We will clean the vanes and the cloth on the vertical and roller window coverings.

We work hard to wash all window coverings gently and thoroughly. Our techneque will not harm your window coverings.