R.V. Day/Night

We specialize in RV Day/Night Shades!

We specialize in Shade repair and cleaning of recreational, motor home, RV and camper vehicles. We repair most brands, styles and types of RV blinds and shades. The most common repair we do is for lift and draw cord replacement and cleaning.

We know all about the difficulties of an RV Day/Night Shade. The tension along with the valance that goes around them make them difficult to get to and repair. We have aquired quit a bit of knowledge and the propper tools to get these jobs done easily and eficiantly.

We take the time to wear booties inside and take care to cover anything around us. We take the upmost care with your RV when we are working inside.

Most Common Repairs

Over the years we have found that the most common reason for the RV day night shades to have issues are the guides inside. With all the tension on the cord the guides wear grooves which then leads to sticky uneasy to operate shades. and as you continue to us the shades the guides wear more and eventually wear through to the metal and the cord then frays and breaks.

The other most common reason is the support drom that ancors to the wall. When they break the Shade will not functin.

New RV Day/Night

We are a local dealer able to measure up and install new RV Day/Night Shades.

We work with one of the top manufacturs of RV Day/Night shades. We have great prices and fast realiable service.