Graber Window Coverings

Graber Window Coverings

Ingenuity and Integrity in Window Treatments Since 1939

Sustainably Made with You in Mind

A Graber custom window treatment is a choice you can feel good about. We are keenly aware that natural resources are finite, and we never take them for granted. From the Graber offices and manufacturing floors to your front door, we reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever and wherever possible. We do our part to ensure resources will be plentiful and pure for generations to come.

Environmentally Conscious Forestry Practices

Graber uses only 100% North American hardwood for its Graber Traditions® Wood Blinds and Shutters, because it is lightweight, consistent in color, and durable. To ensure the hardwood supply is long-lasting, foresters working with Graber practice sustained-yield forest management, meaning nearly twice as much hardwood grows as is harvested each year. Thanks to responsible practices like this, the volume of hardwood trees in North American forests is 90% larger today than it was 50 years ago.

Improved Energy Efficiency Means Savings for Your Home

Graber window treatments reduce your energy costs by blocking heat from the sun and preventing energy loss through your windows. Cellular shades, in particular, are made in a honeycomb-shaped design that's engineered to trap air before it leaves through your windows.

Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades meld exquisite fabrics with a honeycomb structure to regulate a home’s temperature and conserve energy year-round. They’re fully customizable, with three cell sizes and four opacity levels in a thoughtfully considered collection of fabrics.

  • Cellular shades provide benefits regardless of season or locale. Cocoon, our most energy-efficient fabric, reduces heat transfer by 22% during the winter and 56% during the summer. For more information on the energy efficiency of window treatments, please visit
  • Cellular shades are customizable to your needs. They’re offered in a wide variety of fresh colors and trend-right styles, and they come in an array of specialty shapes and sizes to cover nearly any window.
  • Bottom up/top down cellular shades use innovative design elements, such as a light blocking lip and improved magnetic closure between head and bottom rails, to ensure the premium quality of the product.
  • The new cordless system provides smoother, quieter operation for a seamless fit into your customer’s life.
  • Graber Slide-Vue™ Cellular Shades are specially designed to cover larger windows, closets, and patio doors.
  • Cellular shades offer excellent sound absorption, and reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring.
  • Our new premier wood-wrapped rail offers sophisticated style for an elegant finishing touch.
  • Verticals Blinds

    Graber Vertical Blinds give patio doors and large windows drama and dimension. Consumers can continue the look of Graber Horizontal Blinds in additional rooms, simply on a grander scale. Fabric Vertical Blinds feature designer-inspired textiles. Light-filtering and room-darkening fabric vanes coordinate easily with pleated and Roman shades. Vinyl Vertical Blinds are available in either crown or S-shaped vanes styles. Sheer Vertical Blinds combine the appearance of drapery and the practicality of easy light control. When rotated open, vinyl vanes draped in sheer fabric let in softly diffused light.

  • The G71 pantograph system is acknowledged to be the industry’s best headrail, making it easy to open and close wide blinds and keep vanes evenly spaced. This exceptional feature minimizes both remakes and service calls.
  • Our headrail is also reversible, offering customers the flexibility to change the stack. (This eliminates the need for many remakes.)
  • S-shaped vanes provide a drapery look with the light control of a vertical blind.
  • Graber offers coordinating 2″ designer vinyl horizontal and vertical blinds. This feature is unique in the industry.
  • Blinds

    The most versatile of all window treatments, Graber Horizontal Blinds provide excellent privacy and light control, as well as a wide selection of color and design choices.

  • Unlike the competition, Graber 2" Aluminum Horizontal Blinds have a patented SureClose™ light-blocking lip. This eliminates light leaks between the headrail and slats.
  • Our 1" aluminum blinds offer a Supreme Headrail, another patented light-blocking lip.
  • Specially designed, unique bumper pads keep the bottomrail of our horizontal blinds from hitting the windowsill, which protects fine woodwork by minimizing scratches.
  • Wood Blinds

    An investment in quality, our wood blinds are a premium product for the discerning consumer. Help your clients set the tone for their living spaces with Graber Traditions® Wood Blinds, an elegant complement to a variety of décor styles—from rustic to ultramodern. We offer a wide array of paint and stain colors to allow your clients to enhance one room or an entire home.

  • Graber Wood Blinds are manufactured from 100% North American hardwoods that foresters harvest using sustainable practices on managed forest land. This eco-friendly approach appeals to consumers interested in purchasing green products.
  • Since we control the Graber component manufacturing process, your orders ship on time.
  • Our products surpass the competition: Graber Wood Blinds block the light more effectively and feature a better tilt bar for smooth and even manipulation by your clients.
  • Bottomrail buttons keep the wood blinds from hitting your customer’s windowsill, protecting fine woodwork and minimizing scratches.​
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    We offer free installation if you purchase through us.

    We will come out go over your order and check to make sure everything is correct and you are satisfied with the window covering before we install.
    After we establish satisfactury we will then organize and set out accordingly protect anything near by. We take care in installing your new window covering so no harm comes to your window seals. We measure with care to make sure they are uniformed and looking there best.

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